BNHA Multi-shipper, event mod and fanfic writerMain Works- 173Dark/Dead Dove Works- 54

MakeshiftDust (a.k.a TragicDust, TragicSonder, DeplorableDust)
Just a kinky fanboy turned writer.
I write a wide range of things, from tooth-rotting fluff all the way up to whump and MCD.
I do often write darker themed content- including, but not limited to: extreme kink, noncon and incest. All my work is appropriately tagged, so if you don’t like something, be an adult and don’t click on it.
Antis and minors DNI!
Forever grateful to the amazing authors in the fan fiction community for providing LGBTQ+ representation that is absent canonically. Representation matters.

Please DM to discuss




I have experience in the following mod roles:
🌿 Head mod 🌿 Writing 🌿 Beta 🌿 Organization 🌿 Social media 🌿 Production 🌿 Shipping 🌿 Finance 🌿
Things you should know about me:
✨Once I choose a project, I’m extremely dedicated. While it may seem like I have a large workload with my current projects, I have a lot of free time for fandom and I’ve been doing this long enough that I’m well aware of my limits.
✨I’m on discord daily and respond to pings within 24 hours. If I’m going to be unavailable, I will let the team know ahead of time.✨I’m flexible and able to work with different types of personalities.✨My favorite part of modding projects is creating something together. My second favorite part is learning how other people do things, because there are so many different ways to organize a project.Boundaries:
❌ I do not work with minors; everyone on the mod team must be 18+ (if the project allows minor participants that is ok)
❌ I do not put up with abuse or harassment, nor will I work with someone who has abused or harassed myself or others.❌ If your team disqualifies participants based on themes they’ve created outside the zine (such as “forbidden” ships or tropes), I am not interested.❌ I am not offering emergency mod help for already-started projects at this time.

Ongoing projects

🌿Put All of Hell to Shame (a DabiShou server)- co-admin/mod Aug. 2021-present
🌿DarkWish Guild: a BNHA Profiction Event Hub (a multi purpose server)- co-admin/mod Nov. 2021-present
🌿DarkWish Guild: a BNHA Profiction Event Hub
🌿DabiShou Twitter

Current projects

🔥Money Talks: a NSFW Giran Zine- intern formatting mod- Currently in preorder stage
🔥Sun, Moon, Ascendant: a Big Three Zine- Social Media mod- Currently in creation
🔥Frozen Embers: A DabiShou Zine- writing/organization mod- Currently in creation
🔥Of Love and Lore: a BkDkBk Fantasy Zine- co-writing mod- Currently in creation
🔥Divortium: a DabiHawks Divorce Zine- Writing/shipping mod-Currently in creation
🔥BkDk Pride Zine- co-head/finance/production/shipping -Currently in creation
🔥Sovereign Bells: a Rivaere Royalty Zine- Writing/org mod, Asst.Finance/Production mod- currently in creation

Past projects

❄️BNHA Rare Pair Bang server- startup admin/mod 2021
❄️Salvation or Damnation? (A DabiHawks server)- co-admin/mod 2021-2022
❄️BNHA Fantasy Bang server- admin/mod 2020-2022
❄️TodoKiri, Inc.- recruiter/mod 2020 -2022
❄️BakuDeku Cafe- barista 2020-2022
❄️DekuBowl server- assistant mod 2021-2022
❄️NSFW TodoBowl server- admin/mod 2021-2022

❄️TamaKami Week 2021- head mod
❄️BNHA Bondage Week 2021- head mod
❄️BNHA Hero/Villain Week 2021- head mod
❄️BNHA Toxic Valentine 2022- head mod
❄️TamaKami Week 2022- co-mod
❄️TdBk Omegaverse Weekend
❄️TdBk Fantasy Weekend
❄️Unholy Week head mod
❄️DarkWish Hurt-or-Comfort-Tober- co-mod
❄️Rivaereri Fall Fest- assistant mod
❄️BNHA Bondage Week 2022- co-mod
❄️BNHA Toxic Valentine 2023- head/graphics mod
❄️FE3H Toxic Valentine 2023- head/graphics mod

❄️BakuDeku New Year’s Bash 2021- gen mod
❄️Mellow’s Mechanical Madness- gen mod
❄️BakuDeku Halloweenies- gen mod
❄️DabiHawks Secret Santa- co-mod
❄️BakuDeku New Year’s Bash 2022- gen mod
❄️DabiShou Birthday Exchange- co-mod
❄️TodoKiri Valentine Exchange- co mod
❄️BakuTodo Valentine Exchange 2022- gen mod
❄️Spring Deku Bowl Exchange- head mod
❄️NSFW TodoBowl Exchange- head mod
❄️TodoBaku Valentine Exchange 2023- head mod
❄️ShigaDabi Valentine Exchange 2023- support and framework

❄️BNHA Rare Pair Bang 2022- start-up mod
❄️BNHA Fantasy Bang 2022- co-mod
❄️Barbarian Bakugou Reverse Mini Bang- co-mod
❄️Villain Deku Bang- co-mod

❄️DarkWish Event mentorship info and resources- co-mod
❄️Shinzawa Cat-astrophe Weekend- co-mod
❄️DabiHawks Winter Masquerade- co-mod
❄️DabiShou Prompt Fest- head mod

•Note: some of these are still in production or shipping stages, but I’m listing them here because my mod duties for them are complete.
❄️ Treasured and Tarnished: a Bottom Bakugou zine Organization/Writing Mod- Complete
❄️Call of the Wild: a Hybrid Zine- intern finance mod- Complete
❄️Alive+ zine- organization mod- Currently in shipping stage
❄️My Hero Halloween: Dragon Smash- writing/organization mod- Currently in shipping stage
❄️Lady Nagant Zine- short term emergency help (Writing/Organization)-Oct-Dec 2022
❄️Noctem Mortis: a BNHA Horror Zine- short term emergency help (beta)-Oct-Dec 2022
❄️Shiggy Zine- short term emergency help (Writing/Organization)-Oct 2023-Dec 2023
❄️** Creep: A Deku Zine- writing/organization mod- Currently in formatting/production stage
Fight or Flight: a BkDkBk Monsterfucking Zine- writing/organization mod- Currently in formatting/production stage
Hero for Hire**- Organization/Writing mod- Currently in formatting/production stage

Current Projects (as contributor)

Noctem Mortis: a BNHA Horror Zine
Affection Pains: an EraserDust Zine

Past Projects (as contributor)

BNHA Omegaverse Week 2020
TodoKiri Week 2020
Kinktober 2020
DekuHawks Week 2020
Tamaki Week 2021
BNHA Taboo Week
BNHA Omegaverse Week 2021
TodoKiri Week 2021
TamaKami Week 2021
BNHA Taboo’s Incest Week
DabiBaku Week 2021
Bnha Bondage Week 2021
DabiSho Week 2021
TamaKami Week 2022
BNHA Omegaverse Week 2022
Twin Stars Week 2022
NSFW Dabi Exchange 2020
BkDk Secret Santa
BakuDeku New Year’s Bash 2021
ShigaDabi Valentine Exchange
BkTd Valentine Exchange 2021
My Hero Exchange 2021
Nonconathon 2021
Multi-Fandom Horror Exchange 2021
DabiKami Exchange (BBSAE)
Relationshipping- multi fandom incest exchange 2021
Bkdk Halloweenies Exchange
BkDk Fright Night Exchange 2021
KiriBaku Secret Santa
DabiHawks Secret Santa
BakuDeku New Year’s Bash 2022
DabiShou Birthday Exchange
TodoKiri Valentine Exchange
BkTd Valentine Exchange 2022
Nonconathon Multifandim AO3 Exchange 2022
BDSM Multifandom AO3 Exchange 2022
Just Married Multifandom AO3 Exchange 2022
Rivaere Holiday Exchange
KiriKami Mini Bang
TdBk Winter Reverse Bang
Todoroki Big Bang
BNHA After Dark Bang
TdBk Mini Bang
Natsuo Bang
Izuku Big Bang
TodoBowl Bang
Bottom Bakugou Bang
BNHA a/b/o bang
Bnha Fantasy Bang 2022
Barbarian Bakugou Reverse Mini Bang
ShinKami Mega Bang
Dabi Big Bang
Treasured & Tarnished: a Bottom Bakugou Zine
Pull of the Ocean: a Rivaereri Zine
Call of the Wild: a BNHA Hybrid Zine
Alive+: a BNHA Undead Zine
Crown: a BNHA Dark Royalty Zine
My Hero Halloween: Dragon Smash
Sextra Credit Zine
Eidolon: a TdBkDk Ghost Zine
Hell or High Water: a BNHA Demon Zine
Noctem Mortis Zine
Good Boy: a Hybrid Bakugou Zine
BakuDeku Holiday Zine
BkDK Unbirthday Bash 2020
TdBk Ficfest 2021
Ground Current (KrKm fic fest)
Shinzawa Cat-tastrophe Weekend